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Vernier Software & Technology is an educational software and equipment company based in Beaverton, Oregon that produces sensors and graphing software for use in science education. Vernier is one of the first companies to popularize the use of computers and sensor technology, known as "probeware" or "Microcomputer Based Labs" (MBL), during laboratory experiments. Vernier Software & Technology was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1981 in the home of David Vernier, a high-school physics teacher, and Christine Vernier, a local business manager. The first software programs developed by David Vernier were scientific simulations for Apple II computers. In 1982, David developed the program Graphical Analysis, which allowed an individual to manually enter data into a table and display the data as a graph. That year the company started producing data-acquisition software and providing instructions for individuals to build their own sensors. Gradually the company expanded the product line to include software for other computers using the DOS operating system and for Macintosh computers.