May 22, 3:24 PM

Please join Jenna Ngian, our VP of Global Sales & Marketing, on Tuesday at the Commercial Marketing Forum at STLE at 9:00 am as she presents FerroShield HC: A New Product that Brings to You Superior Corrosion Inhibition and Peace of Mind for the Metalworking Fluid and Coolant Industry. #STLE

Mar 8, 7:39 PM

Today we celebrate International Women's Day and recognize all the achievements of the strong women out there, including our very own Alexandra Slowik here at Verdezyne. #InternationalWomensDay #Kickboxing

Jan 23, 4:14 PM

We are excited to announce the introduction of FerroShield HC, a nitrate-free dibasic acid mixture for corrosion inhibition applications. Contact us today for a sample!

Dec 22, 5:30 PM

The team at Verdezyne wishes all of our business partners, employees and followers peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year.