Jul 26, 8:00 PM

While installing in-cab camera systems in vehicles, Velociti technician Allen Stoltz was able to visit the Reedy River in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. #WhereInTheWorldWednesday

Jul 21, 5:06 PM

Velociti's own Scott Glenn speaking to members at the ATA Economic Summit this past week. Scott shared our thoughts on the economic benefits of technology investments, the impact of technology in the industry, and how technology adoption continues to evolve as a major consideration for fleets.

Jul 19, 8:00 PM

Velociti Mobile Technician Josh Webb passed through Joshua Tree National Park in California while on the way to install fleet management and safety devices in vehicles. #WhereInTheWorldWednesday

Jul 12, 8:00 PM

While installing asset and truck tracking devices in Knoxville, Tennessee, Velocal technician Jason Grier was able to visit Rock Island State Park. #WhereInTheWorldWednesday