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Jul 27, 10:25 AM

# Im @ramdarass an Art Director at Vayner taking over this account for the next couple few. Im big on helping people and trading inspiration. If you have a question or just wanna say, Hi! hmu and lets level up together. . To start things off, I just wanna highlight someone that has helped ME so much. A mentor and brother to me to, he helped me during some challenging times at Nike, Converse and beyond. Heres a quote of his that I think about daily, Feedback is a gift - @bilspig I love ya bro! Hope to see you soon. . Whats a inspirational quote someone close to you has shared and you want to thank?

Jul 24, 3:37 PM

Foresight, a kind heart, and razor-sharp team vision. This is Jenn, aka Neefa. Role: Business Operations Manager. Power Move: fingers crossed. #VaynerCapes

Jul 24, 10:45 AM

Each day is a chance to try it differently. To hack what''s known and transform it. Exhibit A: new studio digs in Long Island City. #GameOfDrones

Jul 21, 4:17 PM

Deeply grounded with sky-high thinking. This is Jason, aka ""J."" Role: Creative Director. Power Move: Hand-to-heart requests. #VaynerCapes

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