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Vapotherm Inc., is a privately held corporation based in Exeter, New Hampshire that was founded in 1999 as a medical device manufacturer after creating the first heated and humidified high flow therapy nasal cannula system. In 2009, Vapotherm released a new flagship product replacing the Vapotherm 2000i (that had been recalled in 2005, and then re-approved for use in market in 2006); boasting a completely integrated electronic flow meter and electronic blender, as well as an internal oxygen analyzer. The Precision Flow is currently Vapotherms flagship capital unit and is the premier medical device for providing high flow therapy. Through an agreement with Praxair, Vapotherm provides a Precision Flow model specially calibrated specifically for 80:20 heliox gas for use in patients who may benefit from heliox therapy.


Market Cap$593 million
Revenue$41.8 million
5 Year Trend+16.9%
Net Income-$41.1 million
Annual Report
% Masters: