Valtronic SA

Valtronic SA

Oct 10, 7:56 AM

The new Valtronic Website - - has gone live! The site was designed to provide a complete overview of the expertise and scope of solutions Valtronic offers to help global companies design and manufacture innovative healthcare devices. It also provides an insight into our technologies and know-how through a selection of products for each covered market segment. We hope that you will enjoy browsing through our new site and thank you in advance for your feedback.

Mar 16, 8:23 PM

@scoop_comms thanks for the industry interview with Valtronic U.S. President Jay Wimer

Mar 16, 7:59 PM

Valtronic purchases new JUKI Matrix Tray Changer at Ipc Apex Expo with partners Juki Automation Horizon Sales

Mar 15, 8:44 PM

At the Apex Expo Las Vegas Convention Center meeting suppliers & forward thinking for tomorrow's technology!


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