Unisource Distribution Div

Unisource Distribution Div

Unisource Distribution Div

Feb 3, 9:42 PM

Employees at Veritiv's Sandy Spring HQ showed their true colors in honor of the Big Game on Sunday - most are cheering for our hometown Atlanta Falcons but some stayed true to their New England Patriots. #RiseUp!

Jan 30, 2:24 PM

It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and we're helping our partners at Sealed Air Corp. celebrate! Sealed Air supplies Veritiv with more than 50 million feet of Bubble Wrap per year, helping our customers protect products going near and far. Learn more at sealedair.com/bubblewrapday. #BubbleWrapDay #KeepPoppin!

Dec 6, 1:54 PM

As part of #VeritivConnects, our community and philanthropy program, Veritiv employees sent more than 1,000 holiday cards to to servicemen and women for the #americanredcross #holidayforheroes program. Learn more about Veritiv Connects at veritivcorp.com/community

Nov 11, 1:39 PM

To all the veterans who work with us at Veritiv, and to active duty servicemembers and military spouses, we thank you for your service. Happy #VeteransDay.