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Uniden America

Uniden America

Mar 5, 4:00 PM

Cuts and wounds happen all the time in the wild. Super glue might be the best item you can add to your first aid kit. Be prepared. #UnidenTips

Mar 1, 4:58 PM

Hitting the rapids? Dont go unprepared. Violent rapids and rocky areas can be a challenge on any river adventure, however you can trust Uniden to keep you afloat and connected during river emergencies. Make sure you have the Uniden Atlantis 150 Floating Two-Way VHF Radio on your next river adventure. Not only does this two-way radio provide consistent communication with your peers, it is designed to be waterproof and will float in water if challenging rapids flip you over. Check out more of the Atlantis 150s features by following the link: https://www.uniden.com/marine/id-Atlantis150/Atlantis_150_Handheld_Floating_Two-Way_VHF_Radio_ #UnidenCommunication #Uniden #LifeOnTheWater #RaftingAdventure

Feb 24, 9:00 PM

If youre thinking about going camping, hiking, or just getting away this weekend, make sure to take a Uniden communication product with you. These products are designed to help you maintain communication with others in whatever situation you are in. #Uniden #Communicate2Survive

Feb 22, 5:00 PM

Unidens HomePatrol Series Scanner BCD436HP features the Uniden-exclusive Close Call RF Capture. This allows the user to instantly tune into any signals from nearby transmitters, such as police, fire, ambulance transmissions, and so much more. #Uniden Check out the HomePatrol Series Scanner BCD436HP: https://www.uniden.com/scanner/id-BCD436HP/BCD436HP_HomePatrol_Series_Scanner