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Uloop is a network of online marketplaces and university news websites for college students, featuring classified advertisements (with Housing, Jobs, Roommates, Internships, Textbooks, Test Prep, Tutors, and Study Abroad categories). The Nashville, Tennessee and Chicago, IL, based company first launched at University of California, Santa Barbara, in January, 2007, and during 2007 expanded to additional college campuses around the United States. In the fall of 2007, Gannett made an investment in Uloop. In the early days of Uloop, Uloop had campus reps promoting Uloop on college campuses around the country. In 2008, there was an NLRB motion filed by two campus reps for a Uloop employee removing forum discussions about adjustments to the campus rep pay structure. The filing was subsequently closed. CampusAve, the white-label classifieds platform for more than 175 college newspapers, merged with Uloop in 2010. As of February, 2013, Uloop is active on over 1500 college and university campuses across the United States, and Uloop has 500 students nationwide who contribute to the Uloop news service. Uloop is a free service for students, staff, and faculty at colleges and universities. Employers and housing providers can pay to post job listings and housing listings to Uloop. Uloop is often referred to as the Craigslist for college students. Uloop reaches around 3.5 million college students, or 10% of the total college students in the United States. Their website has over 500,000 active listings.