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University of Hawaii Foundation

University of Hawaii Foundation

Jul 31, 6:30 PM

Great story about a grant recipient that works to protect endangered hawaiian insects: For more ways to support #conservation and #sustainability throughout the UH System, browse through opportunities here:

Jul 28, 6:30 PM

When it comes to deep dive research Dr Richard Pyle, University of Hawaii at Manoa alumnus, and his colleagues are at the forefront. In this video he discusses scouring the depths of the ocean to identify and record fish species and what it means to be a researcher in the UH System.

Jul 27, 10:27 PM

Graduate student Louise Economy at University of Hawaii at Hilo is busy studying near shore water quality and how it is affected by climate change. Particularly staph and MRSA and how to keep beach-goers safe. Read more:

Jul 27, 0:36 AM

The 2017 University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program Peter J. Rappa Sustainable Coastal Development Fellows are currently in the middle of their internship furthering their knowledge and understanding of sustainable coastal development through research, extension, and community-based education. If you'd like to contribute to this fund, please visit here: To see the bios for the current fellows, click here: