University of Hawaii Foundation

University of Hawaii Foundation

University of Hawaii Foundation

Oct 4, 8:51 PM

World class, funded to last. Mahalo Jay H. Shidler for another historic commitment! -

Sep 13, 4:58 AM

Unite and move forward as one. That is the vision driving Ppkhi I Holomua, an elite philanthropic society for University of Hawaii at Mnoa Athletics that supports student-athletes success and ability to achieve their ambitious academic and athletic goals. Learn more >

Sep 12, 0:34 AM

Thinking about catching a movie this weekend? This Friday, September 15 enjoy your favorite movie snacks at Kapolei Commons (Kapolei, Hawaii) and 50% of all concessions sales will benefit the University of Hawaii - West Oahu Academy for Creative Media System! #UHWOACM

Sep 9, 6:00 AM

Mahalo Dean Donald B. Young, College of Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa, for your visit to the Student Calling Center! L-R: Mitch Lum, Dean Donald B. Young, Langston Shupe-Diggs and Jade Salvador