Two Men And A Truck/International

Two Men And A Truck/International

Jun 28, 2:09 PM

Moving tip! Ask us for a Truckies Treasure Chest Box if you''re moving with kids. These special boxes are designed like coloring book pages and allow children to keep their favorite stuffed animals, crayons, reading books, and more in an easily identifiable box nearby at all times.

Jun 28, 0:13 PM

Today we celebrate Grandma Eb''s 110th birthday! When Founder Mary Ellen Sheets began TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, Grandma Eb kindly let her park the very first trucks in her back yard, and use the old barn as the first ""real"" office. She helped plan holiday parties, family picnics, and cared for the movers as if they were her family. She was the inspiration for The Grandma Rule, which means to treat everyone the way you would want your grandma to be treated. Happy Birthday, Grandma Eb!

Jun 27, 4:28 PM

To celebrate our busiest moving weekend of the year, we traveled across the country surprising several of our amazing customers with FREE MOVES as a thank you for choosing us to protect their precious belongings! #MoversWhoCare

Jun 25, 7:59 PM

5,700 moves made in three days! That''s a wrap on our busiest moving weekend of the year! Our thanks to our amazing customers for choosing us, and our hard working Move Heroes for showing what it means to be the Movers Who Care! Pictured: Our Move Hero, Marcus! Photo courtesy of @twomen_stlouis


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