Aug 30, 7:27 PM

What better way to start off day 2 than the tradition of our #leadership team making a delicious #breakfast for everyone at #camp. After the #geeks devoured their #breakfastburritos, #TUNErs soon found themselves listening to outside speakers and their fellow colleagues who have spent weeks preparing for their presentations. In between the sessions they enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and working with coworkers on the big #MarioKart #CodingChallenge . Whats in store for tonight? Oh, we promise you dont want to miss it. Stay tuned! #Work4TUNE

Aug 29, 9:49 PM

While day one of #GeeksInTheWoods is still in action, there were so many great things to highlight including the impressive presentations, stunning venue, and the big announcement of this year''s theme: #MarioKart! Much more to come tomorrow that you won''t want to miss! #Work4TUNE

Aug 28, 9:01 PM

What do tree tents and camping have to do with an engineering retreat? Answer: #GeeksInTheWoods, TUNE''s annual internal #developer #retreat where we take our entire #product and #engineering organization into the woods and have a #conference. As we enter the fourth year, it has nearly doubled in size, we''ve reached new #technical depths, the logistics are nailed down, and the element of surprise is intangible. Year after year there continues to be a highlighted focus on #teambuilding that is formed through connections and cohesiveness, and all in all, we come away as a stronger #organization. Be sure to #followus throughout the week to see what it''s like to be an #engineer at #TUNE. #Work4TUNE

Aug 26, 0:22 AM

A huge thank you to everyone who attended #BoatsAndCodes! All together, @iurbanteen will receive a grand total of $3,085.45 from donations, which will go directly towards helping create beneficial #mentoring opportunities and events that will encourage #youth to engage in the world of #technology. And of course, a quick shout out to Hillary, our #Community #Engagement Coordinator for organizing such a successful event -- well done! #TUNEcares