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TSheets is employee time tracking and scheduling software designed and engineered for companies across multiple industries with a need to track, manage, and report time. Using web-based, cloud technology that integrates with multiple platforms, smartphones, and software programs, TSheets provides an alternative to a paper timesheet or punch card. It exists to streamline HR and accounting roles for businesses of all sizes — from freelancers to corporations employing tens of thousands of employees. TSheets serves more than 20,000 businesses across 100+ countries. They have processed more than 120,000,000 timesheets since 2006 and over $8 billion in payroll each year. TSheets currently has the most five-star rated reviews on apps.com and is available on Android, iOS, and Google Chrome, or a desktop or mobile web browser. Headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, TSheets opened a second location in Sydney, Australia, in early 2015.


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