Aug 1, 11:52 AM

Big chains are seeing more of their revenue come from off-premise dining. Takeout and online ordering are two quickly growing segments of restaurant traffic. As diners continue to look for better deals and shorter wait times, takeout and online ordering continue to see explosive growth. Restaurants are adapting to these trends, and buoying sales during a tough year in the process.

Jul 31, 0:14 PM

Students are no longer satisfied by ordering a pizza just once a week. College students are branching out, and eating more meals out than ever before. 53% of students visit off-campus restaurants more often during the weekend than during the week. 79% of college freshman purchase food or beverage from an on-campus foodservice facility at least once a week, compared to 62% of seniors.

Jul 28, 11:38 AM

The National Restaurant Association''s Factbook concludes that 9 in 10 consumers say they enjoy going to restaurants, witth 2 in 5 saying restaurants are crucial to their lifestyle. 70% of consumers look for flavors they can''t duplicate readily at home, and 80% say dining out with family and friends is a better use of free time than cooking and cleaning.

Jul 27, 11:30 AM

Domino''s, Wendy''s, and Starbucks might not be first in the minds of foodies, but these chains are keeping the restaurant industry on-pace during a year of sluggish growth. Rising restaurant costs are forcing consumers to look for more affordable dining options. According to a Technomic survey, quick service chains account for 80% of total visits for the industry.