Sep 1, 0:00 PM

Sometimes, the most popular recipes are the traditional ones. Grilled cheese is the most popular sandwich among today''s guests, with more than half of them naming it as a favorite. Don''t be afraid to experiment with new flavors within this classic form. Gruyere and jalapeno on sourdough? Why not? #restaurants #food #fashionfood #cheflife #chefsofinstagram #restaurant #restaurantlife #restaurateur #waiterlife #chef #chefs #chefstalk #chefslife #chefsoninstagram #chefofinstagram #cheftalk #sysco #foodbytes #chefshonorguard #recognizechefsappreciationweek #chef #chefs #restaurantproblems #restaurantowner #instacake #gourmet #foodies #helpfultips #didyouknow #restaurantbusiness #serverlife

Aug 31, 10:16 AM

Your guests are excited to try new things! But, not all of them are ready for a super-spicy entree. Test out new flavors in small plates, and you''ll give your loyal fans the opportunity to sample them. This is a great way to lower your risk (and boost your ROI) on inventory that you''re buying for the first time. And if it turns out to be popular - now your chef has some experience with a brand new dish!

Aug 30, 11:59 AM

Social traffic is effective, but only when users are on social. Emails are well-received when they''re not buried in a customer''s inbox. Texting is a great route to reach out to customers, and a recent survey agrees. ""With a whopping 75 percent of all customers wanting to receive offers via SMS, it really doesnt take a genius to know what you should be doing sending your customers a text message of course.""

Aug 29, 11:42 AM

After the classic chocolate and vanilla, cookie dough is the most discussed ice cream flavor on Twitter, according to the site''s own analysis. Google Trends found that interest in """"edible cookie dough"""" is at an all-time high. Yelp and Foursquare have similar findings - most interestingly, that there is an 8% year-over-year increase in users discussing this popular dish. Reverse psychology might be the best marketing of all, as adult Millennials continue to feel like eating raw cookie dough is an illicit treat. It''s true that raw eggs can be risky - but with the proper ingredients, you can offer cookie dough appeal to even the most health-conscious guests.