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Trucker Path is an American transportation network company specializing in online and mobile services for the trucking industry. In early 2013, the company released its trip planning and resource locating mobile app Trucker Path. In mid-2015, it was followed by Truckloads, an online marketplace specializing in connecting freight companies with carriers. By March 2015 the Trucker Path app had 100,000 users. One year later, Trucker Path had reached 1,000,000 downloads on iOS and Android combined. By June 2016, the number of active monthly users surpassed 450,000, which represented 30% of all Class 8 truckers in the U.S. The early version of the application for truck drivers was developed by Viktor Radchenko who was inspired to create it after hearing his trucker friends complain about the difficulties they had finding truck stops. Trucker Path was the fourth application Radchenko had developed since moving to Silicon Valley from his native Ukraine in 2010. Before creating Trucker Path, he didn't have any direct involvement in the freight industry. The early beta version of the app was launched in February 2013, and by August had reached 50,000 active weekly users. In October 2013 Radchenko began working together with Ivan Tsybaev to found the company officially, with Tsybaev acting as the organizations first CEO and Radchenko as the chief technology officer. Tsybaev envisioned the company becoming a freight transportation marketplace. To build up userbase, he decided to focus on positioning Trucker Path as a crowdsourced navigational assistant that would make it easy for truckers to plan their trips by helping them find truck stops, parking, rest areas, washers and other POI. Initially, the application focused on providing trucking information primarily for the United States of America.