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Travelocity is an online travel agency and was founded and owned by Sabre Corporation. It is now wholly owned by Expedia. Travelocity is based in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. in Europe was a sister site of Travelocity, sold to Swiss-based Bravofly Rumbo in December 2014. In recent years, businesses and sites once owned and operated by Travelocity, including Travelocity Business, Zuji and IgoUgo, were sold or shut down as Travelocity focused on its core consumer travel business. American Airlines began offering customer access to its electronic reservation system, Sabre, in 1978 to travel agencies, and in the mid-1980s on the CompuServe Information Service and GEnie to consumers under the "eAAsySabre" brand name. This service was extended to America Online in the 1990s. The CEO of the eAAsySabre was Kathy Misunas. Travelocity was created in 1996 as a subsidiary of Sabre Holdings, itself a subsidiary of American Airlines, and was run by long-time Sabre information technology executive Terry Jones. As one of the pioneers of web-based disintermediation, was the first website that allowed consumers themselves not only to access Sabres fare and schedule information, but also to reserve, book, and purchase tickets without the help of a travel agent or broker. In addition to airfares, the site also permits consumers to book hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises and packaged vacations.

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