traditional medicinals

traditional medicinals

traditional medicinals

Aug 31, 8:24 PM

When the summer sun is shining at its peak, a piping hot cup of tea isnt the most appealing remedy. But, that doesnt mean we dont still need herbs for everyday wellness. Thats why weve used our Chamomile with Lavender tea as a base to a calming blueberry smoothie. Get the full recipe on our Plant Power Journal, the link is in our bio. #TraditionalMedicinals #herbalism

Aug 29, 8:25 PM

Our herbalists dreamt up a cool and calming summer smoothie to enjoy any time youre feeling stressed, frazzled, or fried from the blazing heat. It features our Chamomile with Lavender tea, which soothes digestion and calms nerves. Get the full recipe on our Plant Power Journal. The link is in our bio. #TraditionalMedicinals #herbalism

Aug 27, 10:03 PM

Use plants to bring life. - Douglas Wilson #TraditionalMedicinals

Aug 25, 8:06 PM

Happy National Breastfeeding Month! While your bundle of joy is probably causing you no end of delight, moms can also feel overwhelmed and tired, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. We love that the herbs in this formula, like fennel and fenugreek, have been traditionally used for thousands of years to help mothers with healthy lactation. Find Mothers Milk at a store near you, the link is in our bio. #MothersMilk #TraditionalMedicinals