Jul 31, 8:45 AM

HBD, Harry! Presenting 10 startups that would've made #HarryPotter's problems go Evanesco with Soylent Wickr Knightscope Talkspace Udemy HotChalk Jodel SpeechTrans Quantified Ag Harry Potter

Jul 28, 4:01 AM

In 2016 highest investment closed at $7.2B in the BioPharma Contract Services sector as total funding ballooned by 52%. Read more in our full report at #TracxnReport

Jul 20, 11:33 AM

Applications Drum Up Investments In The Artificial Intelligence Space in 2016 With Enabling Technologies Emerging As Most Investment-Friendly.Read more in our full report at #TracxnReport

Jul 12, 7:40 AM

Average ticket size surged across the board in diagnostics space, top investment included Grail Bios Series B round of $900M.Read more in our full report at #TracxnReport