Campaign for TobaccoFree Kids

Campaign for TobaccoFree Kids

Campaign for TobaccoFree Kids

Aug 17, 3:58 PM

Tobacco companies are still fighting a 2006 federal court order that they correct the record after decades of lying. If you think theyve cleaned up their act, think again. Learn more:

Aug 16, 5:18 PM

This week marks 10 years since a federal judge ruled tobacco companies lied about the harmful effects of smoking and marketing to kids and ordered them to publish corrective statements. They still havent done it. Learn more:

Aug 3, 1:54 PM

Need another reason to be #tobaccofree? Youll need healthy lungs to catch em all. #pokemongo #pokemon #publichealth #tobaccocontrol

Sep 28, 6:28 PM

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which found evidence of water on Mars, cost $720 million. Big Tobacco spends more than that on marketing EVERY MONTH in the U.S.! Imagine the amazing discoveries we could make with money thats used to sell deadly products.