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TNTP, formerly known as The New Teacher Project, is an organization in the United States with a mission of ensuring that poor and minority students get equal access to effective teachers. It attempts to help urban school districts and states recruit and train new teachers, staff challenged schools, design evaluation systems, and retain teachers who have demonstrated the ability to raise student achievement. TNTP is a non-profit organization and was founded by Michelle Rhee in 1997. A national nonprofit organization founded by teachers, TNTP is driven by the belief that effective teachers have a greater impact on student achievement than any other school factor (even to the exclusion of social factors). In response, TNTP develops customized programs and policy interventions that enable education leaders to find, develop and keep great teachers. Since its inception in 1997, TNTP has recruited or trained approximately 43,000 teachers - mainly through its Teaching Fellows programs - who have taught an estimated 7 million students. TNTP has also released a series of studies of the policies and practices that affect the quality of the nations teacher workforce, including The Widget Effect (2009), Teacher Evaluation 2.0 (2010), and The Irreplaceables (2012). In 2013, TNTP is active in more than 25 cities, including 10 of the nations 15 largest. In a New York Daily News opinion piece, Timothy Daly, President of TNTP, advocated for "making student test scores one of many factors in the tenure decision." TNTP was founded in 1997 by Michelle Rhee. It began with the aim of giving poor and minority students equal access to effective teachers, and during its first 10 years, TNTP initially focused on helping urban districts improve the way they recruited, trained, and hired new teachers. In 2000, TNTP began the Teaching Fellows and Academy programs, which served as alternate routes to teacher certification for high-need schools. Today, TNTP also works with states and public school districts in the areas of measurement and management of teacher performance.
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