Aug 15, 6:00 PM

Cities are always on the move, growing constantly. What steps can we take now to make sure that our cities will remain sustainable and liveable in the future? If we are to manage this process effectively, we will need an understanding of each and every urban flow. Keen to find out how that works? Read TNOs paper on the sustainable city.

Aug 11, 6:00 PM

TNOs white paper on Blockchain governance and business models offers an analysis of the latest Blockchain developments, especially aimed at organizations and consortia that are considering using blockchain. Download this right away, for information to support your make or buy decision.

Aug 10, 9:58 AM

There is plenty of water on earth, but good drinking water is scarce. TNOs MemPower turns seawater into drinking water, while generating electricity at the same time. How does that work? And what are the next steps?

Aug 9, 6:00 PM

The Self-Sovereign Identity platform which is based on blockchain technology enables members of the public to manage their digital personal information themselves. Watch the video about this identity solution!