TMI Hospitality

TMI Hospitality

TMI Hospitality

Sep 21, 6:36 PM

Our latest Leadership Impressions class is here all week! Welcome to the family! #fargo #northofnormal

Sep 19, 6:33 PM

Our next #impressionmakeroftheweek comes to us from our Courtyard Kalamazoo Portage. When a fire broke out in the laundry room, Anastasia maintained a cool and calm demeanor. She handled the stressful evening by coordinating calls, evacuating rooms and keeping guests entertained in the parking lot before help arrived. ""I had countless compliments on her maturity and ability to handle this stressful situation with no supervision,"" said the General Manager. ""I am so proud to have Anastasia on our team and am thankful for her quick action."" #marriott #kalamazoo #portage #courtyard #coolunderpressure

Sep 12, 6:30 PM

This week our #impressionmakeroftheweek comes from our very own Fargo office! Angie''s team members know they can always count on her. In addition to her regular duties, she has taken on the coordination of corporate office events with successful results. Angie''s flair for party planning and attention to detail makes every event enjoyable. She also flawlessly helps out as an office assistant and provides back up for the front desk when needed. Her extra efforts make all the difference for her fellow team members. #fargo #tmihospitality

Aug 31, 3:20 PM

Our MyWellbeing Committee treated us to delicious smoothies this morning. Then four lucky team members won #ninja blenders to make their own smoothies at home! #livinghealthy #werespoiled #thursdaymorningtreat