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Tilera Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on scalable manycore embedded processor design. The company ships multiple processors, including the TILE64, TILEPro64, and the TILEPro36, TILE-Gx72, TILE-Gx36, TILE-Gx16 and TILE-Gx9. In 1990, Anant Agarwal led a team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop scalable multi-processor system built out of large numbers of single chip processors. Alewife machines integrated both shared memory and user-level message passing for inter-node communications. In 1997, Agarwal proposed a follow-on project using a mesh technology to connect multiple cores. The follow-on project, named RAW, commenced in 1997, and was supported by DARPA/NSFs funding of tens of millions, resulting in the worlds first 16-processor tiles multicore and proving the mesh and compiler technology.
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