Careers at Tidemark

Why work for us

Tidemark is a private enterprise performance management firm founded in 2010 that provides cloud-based analytics applications built for a mobile device enabled platform. Tidemark was known as Proferi when it was in stealth mode and is located in Redwood City, California. In Sept. 2013, Tidemark won the Big Data Startup Challenge and earned a spot in the Big Data 50. Founded by Christian Gheoghe with co-founders Tony Rizzo and Nenshad Bardoliwalla in 2010, Tidemark’s approach to EPM analytics emphasizes a mobile first user experience in a public multi-tenant cloud. Gheorghe and Rizzo spent 9 months surveying Fortune 1000 companies before they developed Tidemark’s product range asking businesses how to improve existing intelligence and analytics solutions. Gheorghe previously created Tian Software which was bought out by OutlookSoft. Gheorghe served as CTO of OutlookSoft until the firm was acquired by SAP AG and was kept on board as a Senior Vice-President and CTO at SAP AG.