Watershed Addiction Treatment

Watershed Addiction Treatment

Watershed Addiction Treatment

Sep 1, 1:51 PM

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer Tori H., has been #sobersince 09/16/2015! Recovery Month

Aug 30, 3:12 PM

We are grateful that our patients are safe and dry during this disaster, and we continue to pray for the health and safety of all Texans. #HuricaneHarvery #PrayForTexas #HoustonStrong #HelpforHouston #TexasStrong

Aug 29, 8:44 PM

Dont ever forget that we all start with 24 hours!

Aug 29, 1:17 PM

Since overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in America, let us take a moment to remember those we have lost, help those still suffering, and educate those who could. August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day. - https://www.thewatershed.com/blog/overdose-awareness-day/ #addiction #overdose #hope #EndOverdose #OverdoseAware2017