Plaza New York

Plaza New York

Jun 28, 6:07 PM

Summer is here, and that means ros. To properly celebrate the season, weve paired our most popular summer treats with @minutyofficiel ros. Enjoy a refreshing glass and delicious bites in @thepalmcourtny beginning tonight through July 31st. Cheers! #RosNights

Jun 27, 3:14 PM

Looking for a light, vibrant, delicious dish? Try @thepalmcourtnys Beet Salad this summer. || : @lizclayman

Jun 26, 4:28 PM

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood. || : @msig22

Jun 25, 11:55 AM

Our Grand Penthouse Suite offers the perfect Sunday morning sanctuary. Enjoy this sunlit sitting area today, or any day.


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