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theAudience is a social media presence management company, which represents high-profile public figures in the entertainment industry and social media influencers. TheAudience was founded by Sean Parker, Ari Emanuel, and Oliver Luckett in 2011, with Luckett serving as the company’s CEO. The president of the company is Kate McLean. The idea for the company came from a meeting between Emanuel and Luckett, set-up by Parker, at which Emanuel voiced concerns over how his clients were not able to effectively control their social media presences. The idea was to create a company to both help manage the social media presence of Emanuel’s clients and others, and to develop social media content for the clients to post, such as photographs, videos, or other posts. Partners in the firm also included the Guggenheim Partners. Initial ideas for work included gaining online endorsement deals for clients or charging for production companies for the right to engage with a client’s followers on their social media platforms. Instead, the company engaged with social media influencers, gaining them endorsement deals, and focused on using the metrics of social media engagement for celebrity clients, as something to be leveraged in contract negotiations. By the end of 2011 the company managed the social media presences of about sixty different celebrity figures, with 300 million Facebook followers. The company worked out of offices in London and New York, with about fifty employees. By November 2012 the company represented about 300 accounts, with around 800 million followers on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Its clients also include entertainment projects such as films or music festivals. In October 2013, the company represented about 700 clients, the content from which had about one billion followers per month and ten billion monthly impressions.

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