Textile Museum

Textile Museum

Textile Museum

Sep 29, 6:38 PM

What happens if you give an artist specific rules and physical limitations? They''re forced to think outside the box! Get ready for ""The Box Project,"" open tomorrow! #UncommonThreads

Sep 29, 7:45 AM

The Kuba Kingdom is made up of eighteen tribes living south of the Sankuru River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The contrasting textures, colors, and design arrangements in this woman''s skirt indicate that it was made by the ruling tribe, the Bushong. #FabricFriday

Sep 25, 5:49 PM

According to Leslies Weekly newspaper, the U.S. Capitol was a popular starting line for early auto races. #dchistory

Sep 22, 5:07 PM

With the new season comes a new exhibition! ""The Box Project"" features three-dimensional fiber art by 36 contemporary artists. Opens September 30 #UncommonThreads