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Teradici is a privately held software company founded in 2004, with head offices in Metropolitan Vancouver, BC and Santa Clara, CA. Teradici initially developed a protocol (PCoIP) for compressing and decompressing images and sound when remotely accessing blade servers, and implemented it in hardware. Later, this technology was expanded to thin clients/zero clients for general Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Teradicis protocol and/or hardware is used by HP, Dell-Wyse, Amulet Hotkey, Samsung, Amazon Web Services, Fujitsu, and VMware. Teradici was founded in 2004 by Dan Cordingley, Dave Hobbs, Ken Unger and Maher Fahmi. It operated in stealth mode until 2007 when they announced their first products, a blade server card and a small hockey puck shaped client, utilizing a Teradici-designed chip which implemented the PCoIP protocol. In 2008, VMware announced it was licensing Teradicis PCoIP protocol. Teradici developed a software implementation of PCoIP, which VMware started shipping in VMware View 4. The Teradici name originated from a previous company the founders were incubating. That companys product involved a 100-gigabit datacenter networking device. One-tenth of a tera is a deci, but "Teradeci" didn't roll off the tongue. "Teradici" was unique, sounded better and the domain name was available at the time.
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