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Jun 18, 2:51 PM

No one else will ever be their hero like you. And that is power in itself. #HappyFathersDay #ThisSleepIsPower : @lindsaynead and @houseofrose

Jun 15, 0:04 PM

Engineered to power even the most elite performers. See why @SerenaWilliams and thousands of others choose Tempur-Pedic sleep. #ThisSleepIsPower

Jun 6, 0:17 PM

Only TEMPUR Material conforms to her unique shape and temperature because game recognizes game. Discover what it could do for you. #ThisSleepIsPower @SerenaWilliams

May 24, 11:06 AM

Instead of stretching yourself thin, how about stretching yourself strong. Discover the power of restful nights that lead to restorative days, like @ElyseSparkes. #ThisSleepIsPower