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Telepictures (also known as Telepictures Productions; formerly known as Telepictures Distribution and Telepictures Corporation) is an American television and film production company, currently operating as a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Television. Telepictures was established in 1978 by Michael Garin as a television syndication firm. The company syndicated Rankin-Basss programming and specials that were produced from 1974 to 1988, including new and successful animated series, such as ThunderCats and SilverHawks. Telepictures indeed bought Rankin-Bass outright in 1983. In addition, Telepictures had syndicated numerous television programs such as My Favorite Martian, Heres Lucy, Love Connection, and The Peoples Court. Telepictures also operated a small publishing arm, which published magazines, such as Muppet Magazine and GoBots Magazine. In January 1986, the company merged with Merv Adelson and Lee Richs Lorimar Productions, creating Lorimar-Telepictures and assumed production and distribution of shows like Dallas and Knots Landing. The company also began distribution of first-run episodes of Mamas Family in June 1986.
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