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In Greek mythology, Telamon /'t?l?m?n/ (Ancient Greek: ?e?aµ??), son of the king Aeacus of Aegina, and Endeïs and brother of Peleus, accompanied Jason as one of his Argonauts, and was present at the hunt for the Calydonian Boar. In the Iliad he was the father of Greek heroes Ajax the Great and Teucer the Archer by different mothers. Some accounts mention a third son of his, Trambelus. He and Peleus were also close friends of Heracles, assisting him on his expeditions against the Amazons and against Troy (see below). In an earlier account recorded by Pherecydes of Leros, Telamon and Peleus were not brothers, but friends. This would accord with Peleus being the father of the other hero Achilles (called Pelides - i.e. son of Peleus - by Homer). According to this account, Telamon was the son of Actaeus and Glauce, with the latter being the daughter of Cychreus, king of Salamis; and Telamon married Periboea, daughter of King Alcathous of Megara. After killing their half-brother, Phocus, Telamon and Peleus had to leave Aegina. King Cychreus of Salamis welcomed Telamon and befriended him. Telamon married Cychreus' daughter Periboea, who gave birth to Ajax. Later, Cychreus gave Telamon his kingdom. In other versions of the myth Cychreus' daughter is named Glauce, and Periboea is Telamons second wife, and the daughter of Alcathous.