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Tekserve was an American consumer electronics and information technology consulting business based in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, New York City. Founded in 1987 as a side business by Macintosh-using engineers designing computer-controlled institutional electronics, Tekserve has grown from a small back-office Macintosh repair shop to become the largest single-location Apple Specialist and Premium Service Provider in the United States. The store announced it would be closing on August 15, 2016. Tekserve founders David Lerner and Dick Demenus met at the New York City public FM radio station WBAI in 1970, and with engineer Mike Edl set up shop together late in the decade under the name Current Designs Corporation. Their business was electronic engineering and industrial design. They manufactured the indestructible music listening stations to be found at the Lincoln Center branch of the New York Public Library, and early models of the audio listening tours now found in many art museums. "We bought the very first Mac that came out in 1984 for $3,000, and we fell in love with it." Demenus says, "We’ve been loyal ever since." As Macintosh users and electrical engineers, the Current Designs partners found themselves uniquely qualified to fix their own Macs when they started to malfunction. Tekserve was formed as a "sister company under the same roof" dedicated to servicing Macintosh computers and became Apple-authorized for repair in 1993.