Aug 28, 0:28 PM

We are in Arusha, Tanzania for #TEDGlobal! Nigerian choreographer Qudus Onikeku and his dance tribe kicked off the conference with an energetic performance called Rainmaker. Stay tuned for more coverage on TEDs social channels throughout the week. Photo by @ryanlashphotography

Aug 25, 0:28 PM

Do your daily tasks and life challenges alter your personality? In his new book, ""Who Are You, Really?"" psychologist Brian Little argues that the projects that you decide to spend your time on play a huge role in who you are. The best part? It means you are always capable of changing your personality. Think about it do you act differently around your friends than your coworkers? Are you normally shy but capable of giving a killer wedding toast? These examples are a testament to your personalitys ability to shape-shift to fit your goals. ""Sometimes we want things that require us to stretch ourselves to achieve them, says Brian. ""You are not the victim of the traits with which you entered this world. Your deeds speak louder than your dispositions. To learn more about Brians work, visit go.ted.com/ChangingPersonality. Illustration by Tang Yau Hoong

Aug 18, 11:49 AM

Reefs in the Pacific are losing corals faster than ever before, and humans are to blame. But when coral is given a chance to survive, it thrives. @TEDFellow Kristen Marhaver saw this first-hand when she dove underwater by the north shore of Curaao. There, she found corals 1,000 years old lined up one after another. Kristens work explores how these magnificent organisms make babies, and shes trying to create new methods to help them survive during the fragile, early days of their lives -- and hopefully for generations more. We can be incredibly pessimistic on the short term, and mourn what we lost and what we really took for granted, she says. But we can still be optimistic on the long term, and we can still be ambitious about what we fight for. To watch her full #TEDTalk, visit go.ted.com/hopeforcoral Photo courtesy of Kristen Marhaver

Aug 15, 1:03 PM

A legacy of racial injustice follows us in America. What will it take to stop it? Watch Bryan Stevensons full call to action at go.ted.com/BryanStevenson.