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TechTarget is a global technology media company that provides independent content, expert analysis, and unmatched deep-dive technical coverage of enterprise IT topics. The company's portfolio of enterprise IT media brands includes: SearchSecurity, SearchNetworking, SearchStorage, SearchCloudComputing, SearchDataCenter, SearchERP, SearchHealthIT, SearchMobileComputing, SearchOracle, SearchSAP, SearchSQLServer, SearchUnifiedCommunications, and SearchWinDevelopment. TechTarget also provides IT professionals with targeted content and personalized marketing programs that help them navigate the purchasing process and make informed decisions about their IT infrastructure investments.


Market Cap$1.2 billion
Revenue$148.3 million
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+19.8%
Net Income$17 million
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TechTargetNewton, MA 02458

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Senior DevOps Engineer



Average Compensation:$132,120

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