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TechShop is a chain of member-based workshops that, for a fee, lets people of all skill levels come in and use industrial tools and equipment to build their own projects. They have nine locations in the United States, three locations in California, one in Arizona, one in Arlington, Virginia (near DC), one in Michigan, one in Texas, and one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A recently opened location in St Louis, along with a just announced location in Brooklyn, New York. TechShop offers safety and basic usage training on all the tools and equipment, and on various other topics. For most equipment, a safety and usage class must be completed before it may be used. Membership is available yearly, monthly, or daily. There are also "family" and "corporate" memberships. TechShop is affiliated with the maker culture, and they participate in Maker Faire events in the San Francisco Bay Area and North Carolina. They have machine demonstrations and classes available during the two-day Bay Area fair.

Jobs at TechShop
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