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Team One is a comic book team from DC Comics/Wildstorm. It was published as two separate but intertwined two issue mini-series, each focusing on different members of the same team and showing events from their different perspectives. Team One: WildC.A.T.S focused on members who were involved with the WildCats. series, while Team One: Stormwatch focused on members who were involved with the Stormwatch series. Team One was formed in the 1960s through the secret efforts of Lord Emp, then called Saul Baxter. For nearly 50 years Daemonite activity had been non-existent, but a sudden flurry of attacks aimed at US military bases worried Baxter that a new offensive was coming. Using his influence within the Military-Industrial Complex, he arranged for the formation of a team to handle the oncoming threat. Enter Miles Craven. As head of the newly formed International Operations he was chosen to act as the visible head of the team, Baxters true level of involvement was to remain a secret.

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