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Tao Group was a software company with headquarters in Reading, Berkshire, UK. It developed the Intent software platform, which enabled content portability by delivering services in a platform-independent format called Virtual Processor (VP). The business was sold in May 2007 to Cross Atlantic Capital Partners. Francis Charig and Chris Hinsley founded Tao Group in 1992. In the same year, the company released the first generation of its virtual machine, called Virtual Processor (VP). In 1998, Tao Group released the second generation, VP2. In 2002, Tao acquired SSEYO, a British audio company that specialised in generative music technologies and created the Koan generative music engine. SSEYO won a BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award in 2001.[citation needed] Tao won a BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award in 2005 for the miniMIXA product. Tao licensed more than 20 million copies of Intent to clients, working with companies such as Sony, NEC, JVC, Kyocera, HTC, Philips Electronics, Kodak, Sharp and Panasonic. From 2001 to 2004[citation needed], the Open Contents Platform Association (chaired by Kyocera President Yasuo Nishiguchi) and Tao CEO Francis Charig looked at networked device standardisation using Intent. More than 50 companies were members, mostly Japanese. Red Herring included Tao in its top 100 European privately held companies in 2005 and 2006.