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Aug 30, 4:05 PM

Successful #digitaltransformation organizations invested 72% more in #UCC. https://hubs.ly/H08vvpD0 via @searchuc @FinnellK

Aug 23, 7:07 PM

Quick, name a job that hasn't been changed by #mobile phones? Mobilizing the Modern Workforce https://hubs.ly/H08r3fS0

Aug 21, 9:48 PM

In five years, the CIO will be a #digital evangelist, product manager http://hubs.ly/H08qsK90 via @searchcio

Aug 16, 4:10 PM

34% of employees want access to information and data on #mobile devices http://hubs.ly/H07YwW_0 via @networks_asia #mobileenterprise