TAKE Supply Chain

TAKE Supply Chain

Jun 27, 8:00 PM

We offer comprehensive support all throughout the relationship with our customers. Read more about the unique TAKE Forward program! http://buff.ly/2th0uIW

Jun 22, 5:48 PM

Considering attending the SCOPE Fall Supply Chain Conference in LA this August? Use code TK1717 by June 30th to secure a $300 travel reimbursement! http://scopefall.com/conference-registration/

Jun 23, 7:00 PM

Is it time for an upgrade? Let us create a custom solution for you! http://buff.ly/2sP5pAq

Jun 22, 2:30 PM

#TechThursday: The Gemini Series mobile data collection software is now available for download on Android. Read more about the exciting update to this product: http://buff.ly/2t2xyS3


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