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T-Force was the operational arm of a joint US Army-British Army mission to secure designated German scientific and industrial technology targets before they could be destroyed by retreating enemy forces or looters during the final stages of World War II and its immediate aftermath. Key personnel were also to be seized, and targets of opportunity exploited when encountered. The effort was a business and technology-oriented parallel of sorts to the Monuments Men pursuit of art and financial treasure. The program was designed to loot the defeated Germanys intellectual assets and impede its ability to compete in the postwar political and economic spheres while giving a boost to the nations conducting it. It was also waged against the Soviet Union, as (though unacknowledged at the time) the T-Force mission also included preventing advanced Nazi technology from falling into Soviet hands — destroying whatever could not be seized and hauled away before Soviet troops arrived. As such, T-Force activities can be seen as the beginning of the Cold War. Both the preemptive destruction and seizure of assets in the Soviets' path and the heavy-handed nature of how the program was conducted account for the continued scarcity of publicly available information on its role. Comprising some 3,000 "investigators" plus thousands more in entire attached battalions of infantry and combat engineers, T-Force activities were among the largest Allied "exploitation operations". T-Force was also tasked with preventing damage to infrastructure such as telephone exchanges that would be useful to occupying forces and in the rebuilding of Germany.