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Synageva BioPharma Corp. was a publicly listed biopharmaceutical company (NASDAQ: GEVA) headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering medicines for patients with rare diseases and high unmet medical needs. The company had manufacturing and laboratory locations in Lexington and Holden, Massachusetts, Bogart and Athens Georgia, as well as offices in a variety of locations around the world. Synageva was formed when Sanj K. Patel (formerly an executive at Genzyme Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts) was approached in early 2008 by Baker Bros. Investments to be the CEO of privately held Avigenics, Inc. in Athens, Georgia, a company initially formed by Dr. Robert Ivarie of the University of Georgia. Upon joining AviGenics in June 2008, Mr. Patel created the vision and strategy for Synageva and changed the company’s direction to focus on products for the treatment of devastating, rare diseases. This represented a substantial shift in the original company’s business strategy of developing bio-similar drugs using its novel egg white (EW) protein production technology. The company’s proprietary technology produces proteins by recombinant DNA technology in egg white (EW) using a transgenic Gallus expression system. The proteins are then purified using conventional recombinant protein chromatographic methods. The EW system can consistently express proteins that contain glycan structures, predominantly GlcNAc- and mannose-terminated N-linked glycan structures, as well as mannose-6-phosphate (M6P) glycans, which are specifically recognized and internalized via receptors into key target cells. With the support from a dedicated and experienced team, Synageva went public on the NASDAQ Global Market in November 2011 by completing a reverse merger with Trimeris, Inc. Synageva later relocated its corporate headquarters to Lexington, Massachusetts.


Employees: 282
Revenue: $6 million
Net Income: $NaN.1 billion
Jobs at Synageva BioPharma
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