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Swarm Technologies, Inc. is a private company building a low Earth orbit satellite constellation for communications with Internet Of Things devices using a Store and forward design. Social Capital incubated Swarm, Craft Ventures was an early investor. On July 16, 2021, Swarm entered into an agreement to become a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of SpaceX.

They have an Federal Communications Commission licence for low bandwidth communications satellites in low Earth orbit.

In 2018 Swarm became the first ever company found to have deployed satellites without regulatory approval after an FCC investigation into the startup’s launch on an Indian PSLV rocket of its first four picosatellites in January that year.

By December 2020, Swarm had launched 9 test satellites and 36 of a planned 150 low Earth orbit satellites to provide communication with IOT devices.

In February 2021 Swarm announced that its commercial services were now live using 72 commercial satellites providing its global low cost data to customers.

The Swarm Tile is its dedicated satellite two-way data modem designed to be low energy and embedded on the PCB of third party products. Other products include a data plan and development kit.


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