Scott & White Healthcare

Scott & White Healthcare

Jun 28, 6:55 PM

Today, we celebrated our annual successes and milestones within the @bswhealth #CollegeStation region with an employee cookout! The event also served as a kickoff launch of a new regional Twitter account. Follow @bswhealth_BCSon Twitter to keep a pulse on the #Brenham College Station news! #BryanTx #cstat #brenhamtexas #brenhamtx #collegestationtx #collegestationtexas

Jun 28, 5:08 PM

For heart transplant patients at #BaylorDallas, they can experience something only a few people in the world will ever be able to the chance to hold their own heart. Since 2014, the Heart-to-Heart program has been reuniting patients with their former heart to show them why their heart failed while educating them on how to care for their new one. Read more about this one-of-a-kind program by visiting our blog in the link bio. #transplant #hearthealth #hearttransplant #donatelife #hospital #healthcare #dallas #texas

Jun 27, 3:42 PM

Diane Michal has been playing the flute since she was 9 years old. However, when she started her career as a nurse over 20 years ago, she had to put her love of music on hold until now. Today, Diane plays her flute in the lobby of various @bswhealth hospitals, bringing comfort to patients and staff, and is on the cusp of becoming a certified music practitioner. Tune in to @wfaa8 tonight at 6pm to follow Diane''s full story #music #hospital #healthcare #texas #flute #healing #nurse

Jun 8, 0:47 PM

Jaron and Tiffany Peek were among those who unveiled the ""Tree of Life"" Living Donor Wall this month at @bswhealth #FortWorth. In 2013, Jaron gave his wife, Tiffany, his left kidney after she was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, requiring her to undergo a kidney transplant. Today, Tiffany is thriving after transplant surgery and even gave birth to their daughter Kaili in 2016. #transplant #giftoflife #organdonation #hospital #texas #healthcare


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