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Sunshine Heartbeat (Chinese title: ????@???.2) is a 2004 Hong Kong television series. The story centres on volleyball and high school. This series is based on high school life, love, and one sport - volleyball. When Mia (Vivien Yeo) was young, she and her sisters, Ah Kiu (Charmaine Li), and Yan Yan (Yoyo Chen) met a fortune teller. Mia was given a bag and told to open it when she turns 18 and it would guide her to her true love. The fortune teller told her to choose carefully so she wouldn't hurt her family. Mia and her sisters buried the bag in a box and promised not to open it until Mia turned 18. Mia stayed with her aunt in New York City while the Ah Kiu and Yan Yan went back to Hong Kong. 10 years later... Mia goes back to Hong Kong and on her 18th birthday, the sisters dig up the time capsule and read the notes. The letter inside the bag reads that Mias true love would have a four leaf-clover birthmark on him. Mia was happy when she discovers that Ah Sun (Charles Szeto), the most popular guy in school who is also the star volleyball player, has the four-leaf clover mark on his shoulder.