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Success Academy Charter Schools, originally Harlem Success Academy, is a charter school operator of 34 public charter schools in New York City. Eva Moskowitz, a former city council member for the Upper East Side, is its founder. Founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz opened the first Success school, the Harlem Success Academy, in 2006. She subsequently opened more schools in Harlem, and then schools in other New York City neighborhoods. As of mid 2015 the network has 9,000 students in schools in every NYC borough except Staten Island. In February 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to stop the citys former policy of providing free space in public school buildings to charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately run, and to evict those schools, including three Success Academy schools already in those buildings. The decision was reversed in April after New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped into the controversy. The city ended up finding space for three Success Academy schools.