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Strides Arcolab is an Indian pharmaceutical company, headquartered at Bangalore in southern India. The company manufactures pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter drugs and nutraceuticals. Products include softgel capsules, hard-gel capsules, tablets and dry and wet injectables. Its softgel manufacturing capability consists of an annual capacity of 50,000 machine hours or about three billion softgel capsules.[citation needed] The company has 15 manufacturing sites in six countries and marketing presence in 50 countries. In the United States and Canadian markets, the company partners with generic companies[which?] to supply retail and hospital generics in injectable products and softgels. In European markets, it has long-term relationships for the development of projects and supply agreements with the European companies[which?]. In Australia and New Zealand, the company is engaged in manufacturing and supply of soft gels and value-added manufacturing. The company has development and supply agreements with South African companies[which?]. The companys stock trades on the Bombay Stock Exchange and on the National Stock Exchange of India. Strides Arcolab changed name to Strides Shasun Ltd after an amalgamation of Shasun Pharmaceuticals with Strides Arcolab. In September 2014, the Board of Directors of both the companies had approved a scheme of amalgamation between the two companies. Arun Kumar is the founder and Group CEO, and has been on the Board as Managing Director since its inception. Abhaya Kumar is an executive director. Deepak Vaidya was appointed to the board in January, 1998, and was made Chairman of the Board.
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