St Jamess Hospital

St Jamess Hospital

St Jamess Hospital

Mar 8, 8:14 AM

Celebrating all our SJH women and all women around the world! #IWT17 #SJH

Mar 3, 0:04 PM

If you out and about today and tomorrow, you will see people collecting for @LollipopDayIE in aid of Oesophageal Cancer. A treatable condition if caught early enough. It often starts with everyday digestive complaints that can be passed off as temporary inconveniences. Look out for the symptoms: Frequent and persistent hiccups Constant burping/belching/coughing Acid indigestion/heartburn/reflux Difficulty swallowing (solids/meats at first, then softer foods/liquids) Weight loss Unexplained tiredness Vomiting Discomfort in the throat or back Discomfort between the breast bone and shoulder A lump in the neck or hoarseness in the voice (rare).

Mar 2, 0:27 PM

St. James's Private Clinic has moved! It has moved from the Rialto Gate to the top floor of Hospital 2.

Feb 23, 0:44 PM