St Anthonys Memorial Hospital

St Anthonys Memorial Hospital

Jul 12, 10:00 PM

HSHS St. Anthonys Foundation receives renewal of grant from Meyer Oil Company and Mach 1 Stores to support Hugs & Cuddles Program For the past six years, pediatric patients who have surgery at HSHS St. Anthonys Memorial Hospital dont have to face their surgery alone, thanks to receiving a new teddy bear through the hospitals Hugs & Cuddles Program. Each child gets to take their teddy bear home with them as well, to remind them of their bravery. Randy and Kate Meyer, Terry and Jane Meyer, and Meyer Oil Company continue to support the program through their recent $12,000 contribution. The Meyer family has been so pleased with how many children have been helped by the Hugs & Cuddles Program over the last six years. To read more about this donation, visit

Jul 12, 5:00 PM

HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital is offering an American Heart Association Renewal Basic Life Supprt (BLS) Healthcare Provider Class on Wednesday, July 19. Pre-registration is required. Please contact Kristi Smith, Clinical Educator, at 347-1283 for class times and availablity. For questions or more information visit HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital's web site at

Jul 12, 1:00 AM

Are you a critical care nurse looking for the next step in your career closer to home? If so, HSHS St. Anthonys Hospital-Effingham has an excellent opportunity for you! You can now join our family of collaborative nurses in our Emergency Department. See the link below to apply today:

Jul 11, 10:00 PM

As the temperature rises, HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital wants to remind everyone that the only way to address heat-related illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke before they happen is to adopt a series of simple but critical precautions. When the heat index is high, stay indoors in air-conditioned areas. If you must go outside, we recommend the following precautions: - Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. - Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat or using an umbrella. - Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or more. - Drink plenty of water before starting an outdoor activity. - During an outdoor activity, take frequent breaks. Drink water or other fluids every 15 to 20 minutes, even if you don't feel thirsty. - Take cool showers or baths to keep your body temperature cool to avoid heat-related illness - Drink fewer beverages that contain caffeine (such as tea, coffee and soda) or alcohol, or liquids containing large amounts of sugar. - Schedule vigorous outdoor activities for cooler times of the day -- before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. - Check local news for extreme heat alerts and changing temperatures. - Check on those most at-risk twice a day. Stay cool and be safe!