Standard Aero San Antonio

Standard Aero San Antonio

Standard Aero San Antonio

Aug 31, 10:28 AM

#Houston is still facing dangerous conditions with flooding and many roads still closed but we are happy to announce that our #IAH facility is open today! While some of our employees and families have been rescued more have been displaced. We are doing all we can to ensure their safety. We have also reached out to our in house customers who have been very understanding. Our thoughts, prayers and support are with everyone affected by the disaster.

Aug 30, 3:27 PM

#Repost @faa Are you operating a single engine piston powered fixed wing #aircraft ? Then check out the FAA website for a possible rebate. -------------Reserve your $500 #ADSBrebate now. #Equip within 90days. Validate flight performance within 60 days. #ADSB #generalaviation #getyourfreemoney

Aug 28, 3:28 PM

We share this with mixed emotions. We''re very proud of our #tfe731 experience but our thoughts and prayers are with many of our employees who have given us that experience as many of our #IAH employees currently cannot get to our facility due to the flooding in #Houston from Tropical Storm #Harvey - our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Houston area, the residents, their families, the emergency responders, and everyone being affected by this weather event.

Aug 17, 4:32 PM

Our #Springfield facility recently completed a Z, 2A and 4A inspection on this #Falcon 2000. The Springfield site has over 3 million man hours of experience on Falcon aircraft and has been providing great customer service since 1968. Keep up the great work team! #dassault #dassaultfalcon #dassaultfalcon2000 #bizav #mro #aviation #aviationlovers #airport #aircraft #springfieldil #illinois #flyspi #spi